Thonglor Pet Hospital, Open 24 hours

01 Concept

Thonglor Pet Hospital’s Eye Center is pleased to welcome and provide patients with consultations, accurate diagnoses and effective treatments to fulfil your pet’s eye needs. To fulfil our goal of building a world where all pets can see, our team ofcaring veterinary specialists, with extensive experience and knowledge in Animal Ophthalmology, are devoted in treating patients using general medicine and surgical methods of international standard.

02 Treatment

  • 01Full range of veterinary ophthalmic diagnostics, therapeutics and surgical services
  • 02Electroretinography ERG
  • 03Ocular ultrasound
  • 04Eyelid surgery/ Third eyelid surgery (Cherry eye)
  • 05Cryosurgery
  • 06Cornea surgery
  • 07Surgical removal of an anteriorly displaced lens
  • 08Cataract extraction by phacoemulsification with intraocular lens (IOL) replacement
  • 09Laser surgery for glaucoma procedures
  • 10Intraocular prosthesis

03 Instruments