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Surgery and Anesthesia Center

01 Concept

Thonglor Pet Hospital’s Surgery and Anesthesia Center services includes the diagnosis of pet medical issues requiring surgery to treat, prevent and improve pathological conditions and body function. Our center provides a wide range of surgical procedures including rehabilitation, general and emergency. For all our surgical procedures, we have a team of certified anesthesiologists to closely monitor your pet’s vitals and progress when in surgery. Our surgical team have experience treating elderly pets with heart disease, respiratory problems or other medical conditions. 

02 Treatment

  • 01Treatment of wounds
  • 02Mass, tumor and cancer surgery
  • 03Gastrointestinal and anal surgery
  • 04Liver spleen and gallbladder surgery
  • 05Urinary system surgery
  • 06Reproductive system surgery
  • 07Respiratory system surgery
  • 08Orthopedic surgery
  • 09Endoscopic surgery

03 Instruments