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Neurology & Spine Center

01 Concept

Thonglor Pet Hospital’s Neurology Center provides the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neurological disorders and conditions. We strive to offer safe treatments of international standard using the most advanced animal medical technology. Additionally, we have a team of veterinary specialists with experience treating pets with advanced neurological diseases. 

02 Treatment

  • 01Seizure
  • 02Stroke and spinal cord disorder
  • 03โรคสมอง/ เยื่อหุ้มสมองอักเสบ
  • 04Encephalitis/Meningitis
  • 05Hydrocephalus
  • 06Hemivertebrae
  • 07Dermoid tract
  • 08Alzheimer’s disease
  • 09Paresis/paralysis
  • 10Spondylosis
  • 11Spinal cord injury surgery
  • 12Brain and spinal cord tumor
  • 13Myasthenia gravis
  • 14Tetanus

03 Instruments