Thonglor Pet Hospital, Open 24 hours

01 Concept

Thonglor Pet Hospital’s Cat Clinic is a special area exclusively for cats. We understand the unique distinctions our feline friends whether it is the challenges owners may face when bringing their cat to the vet or medical conditions that require specialized treatments. To ensure our feline patients have the most comforting veterinary experience, we strive to provide international quality medical care, by our team of feline veterinary specialists, in a calm and feline-friendly environment. 

02 Treatment

  • 01Feline health check-up by a feline specialist
  • 02Feline medicine
  • 03Specialized equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of FIV, FeLV, FIP, FPV and
  • 04Respiratory tract infection
  • 05Blood transfusion and blood group typing
  • 06Feline behavior

03 Instruments