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Skin and Allergy Center

01 Concept

Thonglor Pet Hospital’s Skin and Allergy Center services includethe diagnosis and treatment of pets with skin, hair and ear diseases as well as pets with skin allergies. Our team ofcaring veterinary specialists have extensive experience and knowledge in animal dermatology and are devoted in providingpatients with informative consultations, accurate diagnoses and effective treatments using the most innovative veterinary science technologies of international standard.

02 Treatment

  • 01Skin conditions caused by bacteria, yeast and fungal infections
  • 02Skin conditions caused by ectoparasites , Demodex and scabies
  • 03Hair loss
  • 04Dry skin
  • 05Dandruff and odor
  • 06Otitis and ear mites
  • 07Skin allergies
  • 08Intradermal Skin Test
  • 09Serum Allergy Test
  • 10Allergen Specific Immunotherapy

03 Instruments